SEO refers to the practice of producing organic traffic on a website. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines such as google have a crawler that searches the internet for results a may match the phrase that the user has searched for. It makes an index of it and the algorithms of the search Engine help sort these links in order of relativity.

Search engine optimization refers to the practice of producing both high quality and quantity of traffic for a particular website. SEO also leads to brand exposure through non-paid advertisements. There are algorithms that help search engine distinguish webpages. The higher the number of keywords typed by the potential customer, the higher your webpage will show on the index.

Ahmedabad is known to be home to some of the best SEO Companies. SEO companies in Ahmedabad are proof of the changing trends of India. Most of the Indians own a smartphone.

Number of smartphone users in India from 2015 to 2022 (in millions)*

The exposure to the internet in the present times is high. Therefore, SEO has been working its effects on the small businesses employing it. The best SEO companies in Ahmedabad are the forerunners of SEO in India.

Advantages of SEO Companies:

Search Engine Optimisation has been popular all across India solely because of its effects on traffic. Here are a few of the other advantages of SEO:

1. The quality of target traffic:

The traffic that SEO provides is organic. That is there is no paid advertisement that generates such traffic. SEO experts in Ahmedabad or anywhere else in India believe organic traffic to be the best traffic.

Conversion Rates are Extremely High for SEO.

The quality and quantity of traffic that SEO produces are also superior compared to paid ads. Outbound marketing like spam emails is considered outdated and the advertisements often have a negative impact as the audience may be disturbed by these forced ads. Inbound marketing is far more appealing to a customer. Therefore SEO is considered an ideal form of marketing and is perceived much more acceptable.

2. SEO is more effective than PPC:

PPC refers to Pay Per Click. This is a form of paid advertisement where the advertiser gets paid for every click he manages. But the paid sites have historically recorded lesser traffic than SEO has managed to get. It might be down to the fact that the customers do not trust the sites that are being advertised by the SEO as they have a vested interest in these links. They rather prefer the organic results that the search engine algorithm returns.

3. SEO is Unpaid:

SEO is an unpaid form of marketing. Of course, optimization initially requires a certain amount of investment in terms of money or time. One can carry on SEO themselves or hire a company for services. The Best SEO services in Ahmedabad often claim that the investment made on SEO has its effects for months and even years. Therefore, the recurring nature of PPC or any other kind of paid ads can be avoided using SEO.

SEO rates are comparatively lower with 91.3% of SEOs charging $1,000 or less.