With all Due respect of our client’s privacy, we build this Privacy Policy. We access the data of the users in various ways. Thanks Creation9 collect the user data. We use them to contact in the future. We keep them confidential & do not share with any third parties.

Thanks Creation9 provides SEO services and other Digital Marketing services. The client can contact us via the website. They share their data while using our website. Their information is used only about our services.

User shares the details with their willingness to hire us. Information can also be shared via email. The user can share personal details via below manners.

  • Through contact form
  • Through a request for quotation
  • Through the email

Some technical information is with us through the cookies. We don’t use them and relate it further with the user’s personal information.

Thanks Creation9 takes all possible efforts to protect user’s data. We also expect our visitors to provide information only if needed. We request users, not to disclose personal data unless required. We can not be responsible for the data given to any third party vendors through our website.

Contact Us

If anyone has any question or query with our privacy policy, in such a case, he/she should contact us first. Contact details are mentioned on Website.

Change Notification 

Along with this privacy policy, Thanks Creaton9 holds all rights to do any change in the policy. No prior notice to the users will be required for this. The user should read the privacy policy before using our website. When our client provides data, they agree with the policy. If not agreed then do not share details & use our website.