Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Writing

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Hey! Is your SEO Content Writing friendly?


When we talk about Digital Marketing, everyone says that the content must be SEO friendly. Why is it so?


In the world of online business, Digital Marketing is the soul, and SEO is the heart.


No online business can survive without the help of digital marketing; it is the one who is responsible for getting more traffic to your website.


Unknown people would come to know that Yes, there is a website that belongs to you. It shares your work in a way that it will reach to those who are interested. That is just an overlook of Digital Marketing.


Now, Search Engine Optimization works in a way that it ranked your website in the first searching website on the search engine. It works with the help of the keywords used in between the content related to the website. But you should use only those keywords that mostly used by the people while searching for a particular thing.


SEO is primarily about the link building because as it more links to your site, the better your website will perform. The higher quality your links are, the better it will do. There is not only one method used by the Google for ranking your website; it changes the criteria continuously, so if you only run before the one principle, then it will be of no use. That is the little theory about Google, and you should learn it first.


Do you ever listen about Google’s “Pang Rank” system?


It is the place where web pages are ranked from 0 to 10. Here 0 is the lowest rank, and ten is the highest. Higher the page rank that contains your link, higher will be the quality of the link.


The first thing you should look upon is web directories. It helps in such a way that it categories some list of sites, it helps them to browse easily and comfortably. It is the system that allows people to get more links to your website.


Search a list of high-ranking directories on Google and apply to the higher-ranking sites, but remember to check the page rank, as the data quickly changes when some lists will illegally promote their sites.


Be careful when you saw something like “link farms.” These are some unedited list of sites. They are created for gaining more links and looked upon by Google as a deceptive attempt to utilize the system. It sometimes happens that your website will be removed by Google after finding your involvement in these sites. You will lose every second of your hardware in just a few seconds.


Write the Best Copy!

Content Advertising

To make your website best among the other websites, you should work upon the text, that should be easier and more readable. Never compromise with the quality of your content, modify your content according to the demands of the search engine.


The process of SEO Content writing is more likely the process of any writing, but here, creativity and quality are a must. We all can write something, but some write unique, and people read their writing.


Always starts with the keyword research when SEO Content writing.


SEO is most probably depending upon the type of writing we are using for our content. Before writing, decide what you are going to write about. You need to use those particular keywords that help your website to rank top. So, the first step of SEO Content writing is keyword research.


Three steps for the keyword research


1. Formulate a mission statement: Think about your mission statement, before starting the actual keyword research. This will help you getting more crowd to your website. Asks the questions like who are you and what is your blog about? What makes it unique? Before formatting the mission statement. First, take your time and then formulate it.


2. Make a list of relevant keywords: when your mission is totally clear, now you can make a list of the relevant or competitor keywords. These are those keywords that you want to be found for. You need to get inside the brain of your audience and find what their requirements are, what they search on the Search engine for their need. In the end, you will have all the essential keywords which help in making your website amongst the top.


3. construct SEO landing pages: It is the page that draws the attention of the visitors who found your writing with the help of a specific keyword. Make sure that you have a landing page for each particular keyword as it is the essential step.


NOTE: Before starting the writing for any of topic you, make sure that your content answers these following questions:


1. Why are you writing an article or blog or anything?

2. To whom you are writing? Who is your audience?

3. What information are you giving to your audience?

4. What is the structure of your SEO Content writing? In what order you are writing?


If talking about the structure of the writing, then it should be apparent and relaxed so that the first line of the content will engage your audience. Because of the better arrangement of your content will increase the chances of higher rank to your website.


In a nutshell, you have to make a decision about what you need to write actually. Take your time and think about your audience and then write something that relates to them. Your SEO Content writing should be straightforward to read and understand. It should be proper engagement and should follow a proper structure. It happens mostly that people copy the information from most of the other sites but always remember that your content must be unique. You can mold the content in your own words so that it will not be found plagiarized.


Most importantly, you should find those unique keywords that are most often used by your audience. Put those words in between your content so that your audience will easily find your content.


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