Top 4 SEO Tips for Restaurant Business Owners

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Various industries come with different type of Marketing Opportunities as well as difficulties, but every industry has some specific nuances to hit. Today we are going to talk about Local Restaurant SEO. This is one of my favorite industries, and I am sure some of the tips can be used or implemented for various niches too.


Also, I want to clear 1 thing is that these tips are not the only ways to do Restaurant SEO but you can do many more activities as well, but these are the main tips which I think you need to take care of.


Restaurant SEO Tip #1: Google My Business


If you are running a business that means you have a Physical Location for that same business way Google My Business Page is work as your Physical Location on Google.


If you are unaware of it, then you can get more information from Google Support!


You can share a lot of information about your business on your Google My Business Page, and Restaurant Owners get extra advantages.




This is a really good option for Local Restaurant SEO also other niches can use it too.


These posts can be edited by Google My Business page editor, and it allows you to add approx. 300 words information with Photos and you can link it to;


  • Learn More
  • Reserve
  • Sign Up
  • Buy
  • Get Offer


Your Google my Business page looks different on Desktop and has lot more details to showcase but Restaurant are mostly searched on Mobile, and it looks something like this;



This is the best way to market your special offers and discounts or events for your audience.


Website Link Promotion


Google has announced the update on August 10 which allows you to promote any deep page link on Google My Business Page too. Well, this could be very helpful for all businesses, but I guess restaurants have the upper hand. This helps your SEO Specialist to add a quick link to reserve the table. Restaurant SEO also can add links for your Gallery, Menu, and Special Party Booking, etc.


Restaurant SEO Urban Zykaa


This way your user can have easy choice to go through your website if your client is in a hurry than; book from your Google My business page. Also, you can use the link of your home delivery suppliers to provide quick deliveries.


Restaurant SEO Tip #2: Citations


This is one of the very important SEO activities for Local SEO campaign. This tactic is quite important for all the niches, but for Restaurant SEO it is 1 point extra because this can bring a lot of traffic to a website.


There are a lot of local business directories which helps you to get more of direct calls and visitors, but sometimes it brings lots of queries as well, so you need someone to handle those queries on a regular base. You need to make sure below points;


  • Details are updated
  • Latest Images
  • Respond time is minimum


The citation is Cost and time effective but it is important, and you can try this one. If it helps, then you can hire the SEO Company in India to do this for you on a regular base or contract. Also, these various business directories will help you to compare your price, menu, service and more. Know more about citation from here.


Restaurant SEO Tip #3: Promote Your Menu


Google allowed adding a menu in 2014, not all the restaurant owners use this service, but I think it is highly valuable. You can see how it looks below;



The use of showcasing your menu to search result is not to get more and more visitors to your website, but it will help to get more footfalls to your restaurant itself.


If you add images with the menu than you can increase the visits.


This way the customer can check the food before visiting your restaurant and quickly order.


Google never wanted to share wrong or incorrect data, so it allows the markup so that sort out the issue. Let’s check that out.


Restaurant SEO Tip #4: Schema


Experience SEO Specialist knows what the use of Schema markup is?


This is a code which sends signals to Google and shares your details and contents.


You can add this code anywhere on the page but should be in <head>.


Here is the example of Schema markup and most probably it should be placed on the Home page.


<script type=”application/ld+json”>


“@context”: “”,

“@type”: “Restaurant”,

“name”: “Bard & Banker”,

“acceptsReservations”: “Yes”,

“servesCuisine”: “Scottish-style Pub”,

“priceRange”: “$$”,

“address”: {

“@type”: “PostalAddress”,

“streetAddress”: “1022 Government St”,

“addressLocality”: “Victoria”,

“addressRegion”: “BC”,

“postalCode”: “V8W 1X7”


“telephone”: “250-953-9993”,

“aggregateRating”: {

“@type”: “AggregateRating”,

“ratingValue”: “4.3”,

“reviewCount”: “410”


“openingHours”: [

“Mo-Su 08:00-23:59:59”,

“Mo-Su 00:00-01:00”


“url”: “”,

“image”: “”




What is useful and essential, it can be varied for each restaurant. You can easily demonstrate your restaurant through this.


So now once we know the basics and important tips for Restaurant SEO than let’s start implementing them and make sure be patience. Nothing can be achieved overnight so relax and keep on Going.

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