Important Tips to get Organic Traffic with Real Estate SEO

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What is Real Estate SEO?


If you Google anything related to REAL ESTATE, you are going to results from Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, etc. It is hard to beat them because they are too big and Powerful. They have way too much Authority with Search Engine.


So, how we do the Real Estate SEO for our website? Here are the Tips!


Tip 1 – Keyword Research


However, there are some areas for Small to Medium Size Real Estate companies to win by attacking some areas that they are not in the way. That can be done by Keyword Research.


We need to dig into the interest or people’s search. We need to understand the type of content we need to create on our website to rank for those keywords.


3 levels of Keywords to Target.



Bottom Level – Money Keywords


These are going to be the keywords that are going to be used for your campaign but also going to be the keywords that are dominated by those big websites.


Mid-Level – People’s Search


These are the keywords which people are searching before they hire a realtor, so put yourself in the shoes of your target client if you want more of local search queries and make sure you have those pages on your website.


Top Level – Targeting Keywords


These Keywords are very High in Level, and it could be a very audience focus but not necessarily related to real estate because the goal here is to get more and more traffic, Attention and Build awareness in your niche. They will convert people to a lead on a long run.


Top level keywords are not something you want to target for SEO. They are for Traffic Generation only.
A best real estate websites need to cover these strategies for Real Estate SEO Marketing, and your website needs SEO Optimization. Best SEO Company India or SEO Consultant knows how to do that.


Tip 2 – Page Creation


You need to create 3 types of pages when it comes to Real Estate SEO.


I know that there should be some more pages, but they can be taken care of themselves, but from an SEO Focus and Real Estate SEO, these are the three types of pages we want to focus on.


Listing Pages


Real Estate Listing Pages


These pages are probably the most misunderstood and misused pages when it comes to a Real Estate SEO because when it comes to SEO, we want everything on the website for the unique value adding.


That’s what Google wants!


The problem with these listing pages is that they are dynamically generated, and thousands of other websites use them, which creates all this duplicate content around the web on top of that you generally can’t customize these pages because they turn over too fast. So Google looks at these pages as a Low-quality because they turn over so quickly and there is so many of them on the internet that nothing is unique.


So What We Need to do?


From an SEO point of view, this is a little bit technically advanced, but we want to block these pages from Robots.txt files to prevent Google from crawling them so the Google will not index them. I know the traditional SEO is telling you to build a big site with a lot of content, but when you have thousands of pages that are low quality or duplicate, Google does not like it. It can build a negative connotation about your website.


When we do not index the low-quality content, it will increase the level of authority of our website!


Neighborhood Pages


Real Estate SEO for Neighborhood Pages


You can target your Money ($) keywords with in-depth pages about communities, Building, and neighborhoods. These pages are going to be your core native sources for bottom level keywords. We want to make them robust at least 500 words and optimized with traditional SEO.


We want to make these perfect, really quality pages that share information about the neighborhood, amenities in that building, Accessibility and anything that you think of that useful information; you want to put it on that page.


A Local SEO Company will focus on your campaign on ranking those pages.

Blog/ Resources Pages


Real Estate SEO for Resources-Pages


These pages are going to target the top level keywords also sometimes mid-level too. So when someone clicks on any of the resource pages that will have everything that they need to know about like Demography, Medium of Income, Best Schools, things to do in the area, etc. These searches are related to our mid-level keywords.


Top level keywords are like things do nearby, best restaurants, etc. We can create blog content for these and capture the traffic coming in through the blog. When we talk about the content, so images search is crucial for Real Estate SEO because people want to see images and you also know when you search on google, you see pictures as well in Organic Search, so it’s imperative to optimize photos for Real Estate SEO Marketing.


Real Estate SEO Image Optimization


Best SEO Company knows how to optimize images in the website with tradition SEO Tactics by naming raw image file, Alt tag & Description than share them on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.




So, SEO Consultants will rank those images to Google images, and you can track their traffic in Google Search Console by going to search analytics report and then filtering to image search. You can see how much traffic is coming through Google to your website through Google images.


Tip 3 – Promotion


If you are new to SEO, this is referring to the link Building.


Google counts “Links” like votes in an election. The more quality links you get the higher you rank.


Means you want another website to talk about you and link back to you as a Citation or attribution purposes. There are 2 ways to do this.


Local Bloggers


We can find local bloggers who talk about the lifestyle, real estate, luxury home, etc. Ask them to write about the website on their blog and link back to you. This way we can build citation and authorities.


Travel Bloggers


Instagram is the best place to find travel blogger, and we know how to find them. We look for them either geolocation tagged or look for hashtags. Sort their information out and make sure that they have a website. Find their contact information and connect with them and deal with them what best suitable in exchange.




It is like growth pack PR, but it is better to target Bloggers rather than new Sites.


So, if you are doing Real Estate SEO than make sure you follow all the tradition SEO tactics like, Meta Title, Meta tags, Description Optimization, Videos, Good Content, etc. and then incorporate these things that I just talked about I promise you, I promise you, I promise you will get the results that you are looking for and if not Just give us a call or email us. We’ll do it for you.


So, I appreciate your time and your attention. If you like this content, then please share it.

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