Organic Traffic Vs Paid Traffic

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Difference between Paid Traffic & Organic Traffic

Hey Everyone, in this articles we are going to talk about the difference between the Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic because you should know how SEO works.


You should know when someone says; I’ll do your website SEO, and you can ask him that will you deliver Organic Visits or PAID Visits.

Let’s see what Paid Traffic is and what is Organic Traffic?


When you Google about any specific term you will see below listing either at Top or the bottom. As you can see in the image, it shows at the bottom.

Paid Traffic - Google Adwords - Google Ads

So these are called Paid Ads, and this service is called Google AdWords aka Googles Ads. Basically, in here, you go to Google Ads and fill up the information, and you get onto the top of Google. You pay a cost per click on each of these clicks can range from anywhere from a $1 to maybe $15. So someone clicks on this results you get billed by Google.


So these are paid clients that are currently paying for traffic on Google.


Now when you see the results below the Paid Ads where you can see Local SEO Google Map Listing and then Organic Listing which is called Organic Traffic. Check the pic below;

Organic Traffic

Breakdown of Google Heat-map


If we look at the Google heat map that tells you that where people are clicking? Check the image below for more precise picture.

When you see on the Right side of the heat map which is paid results. They get fewer clicks but look how much the first three results get on left Side? So the first three results get most of the clicks the below them also get some good numbers of clicks.


So, I want you guys to understand the difference between Paid Traffic Vs Organics Traffic.


The statistics are that 70% of people click on the Organic Results and the 30% on Paid Ads based results. This does not include the Google My Business as it is a little tricky. You probably do get a higher Click-through rate if you’re thinking about advertising but I would still prefer the organic results of the first page.


Because of the Google My Business result, changes per Area and “nearby me” searches.


So, this article concludes that if you are looking for long-term and genuine leads for your business without paying Google for each Click than Organic White HAT SEO is the best choice any day.


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Good Luck. Hope you like the content.


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