Instagram Stories to Be Your Next Marketing Strategy in 2019-2020

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Be it connecting with friends or family, staying updated with the latest news, admiring incredible celebrity trends or exploring a brand buzzing on social media- a feature-rich smartphone loaded with Instagram is all that’s needed! Look around, and you’ll realize many are hooked to their Instagram stories. However, the evolution of Instagram stories has transformed them from a primary content sharing medium to a promising opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of their potential audience.


Well, this is what brings us to a critical question: “Should Instagram stories be your next marketing move, are they worth the time?“. Let’s unravel the answer to this billion-dollar question together!

The Significant Drive of Instagram Stories on Digital Media

Instagram Stories

Out of the innumerable facets of digital media, social media became the “big bang” space of marketing, yielding exceptional and dramatic results in a short period. No matter what the channel might be, there’s one crucial thing that stayed constant- “audience is keen on engaging with brands at a personal level.” This is where Instagram stands apart from the rest, enabling marketers to promote brand engagement with the users.


With the use of Instagram stories, you can humanize your brand, actively engage with users, generate leads and most importantly create long-lasting customers. The pitch for marketers to use Instagram is pretty simple, stories will have a front-center prominence, and this means the message/campaign won’t be lost in the pool of feeds. So, you get to showcase what your brand is exciting or relatable on-point for a strong impact.


How to Use Instagram For Digital Marketing?

Several creative approaches can be used to leave your mark through Instagram stories, and these include;


1. User Generated Content (UGC)

When people view content created by other users, then they can relate to it in a better way, compared to brand-generated content or advertisements. The reason: UGC is a reflection of how individuals feel about a particular service or product, and that’s what makes them an absolute hit. You can either highlight the benefits of your business or share positive testimonials or feedback given by previous customers.


2. Polls

A simple and cool feature on Insta is to run polls with the audience. Essentially, polling can be a unique way to engage with the users, and get valuable information for future marketing strategies. Planning to introduce a new theme or a product, place a poll, encourage the audience to participate and see what your audience has to say about it.


3. Special Announcements

There cannot be a better way to announce the launch of a new product, service, sales or other upcoming events than Insta stories. Considering the prominence, such announcements would add an urgency-factor to the stories, ensuring users experience the now or never drive.




Summing it all up, Instagram stories are worthwhile and deserve the number one position in your marketing strategy because it leads to:


-> Better User Engagement

-> Builds Brand Awareness

-> Drives Traffic to Targeted Places (Your Website)

-> Generates High Sales


Wait no more and incorporate the Insta glam in your marketing efforts right away!


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