Do you want to Launch a Successful Marketing Career? – My First-Hand Advice!

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Marketing Career

In my experience working directly with marketing students (which I do a lot of), I have witnessed some incredible student success stories, as well as some disappointing missteps.


From what I have witnessed, I’ve put together some advice on how to launch a successful marketing career:


1. A Bit of Everything

There are a ton of divisions within the marketing field. No one is asking you to be an expert in all of them, but having an idea behind each one is important.


At some point in your training, make sure to take a stab at email marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and all the other sub-sections under the marketing umbrella. Who knows what you’ll excel at, and who knows what skills and experience your first job will require you to have.


2. A Few Introductions

You’ll need to meet people. Call it ‘networking’, call it what you want. I call it a vital part of launching your marketing career. Get out there and introduce yourself to people: ‘Hi, I’m Bhavin, and I’m an Internet Marketing and Monetization Consultant at Thanks Creation9 – Best SEO Company in India. Tell me about what you do.’


You never know when a local entrepreneur will turn into a potential client; when a marketing agency could become an employer; or when a fellow student will turn into a business partner. I have watched an acquaintance become an employee more times than I can count.


3. A Little Extra

Even if you are attending university or college, you should look for opportunities to learn a little more. Take an extra business course at your local college or dive into some online marketing courses that show you are capable of accomplishing more than the bare minimum.


In today’s world, everyone will have a university degree. What else you got?

4. A Little Experience

It’s the most frustrating thing you’ll have to go through.


You have graduated from post-secondary and are ready to get work experience, but every entry-level job you apply to requires that you already have experience. HOW!


So, get ahead of the system by completing an apprenticeship (or two). You will be more job ready after graduation and you will save yourself a lot of agonies when you enter the workforce. Marketing is a field where you can gain experience at any time, so take advantage of it.


Plain and simple: if you are not getting experience through apprenticeships while you are in school, you are dropping the ball. I have watched students launch their careers by completing marketing apprenticeships.


5. A Little Technology

The final tip for now.


Don’t shy away from new platforms and new technology. At one point in my development as a marketer, when someone would recommend a new tool for me to check out, I would never get around to trying it out. A few months later, my peers were streamlining things and I was still using pen & paper (not literally) to complete a task.


So, embrace technology and new tools that come along. Not all of them will be helpful, but many of them will be. The platform I work with provides students with free marketing courses and digital marketing apprenticeships – maybe a platform like this can help you launch your marketing career.


OK, that’s it for now. A few things I have noticed from the marketing students I have watched launch their careers.



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