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A Bulk SMS advertisement is an advertisement sent via SMS. As India is estimated to have over 800 million mobile phone users in 2019, SMS advertisement can help you to reach a broad spectrum of customers. Moreover, the ad is more likely to be read, as it is short and crisp.


Low Cost & High Impact


SMS advertising allows you to get the most out of your mobile marketing budget. It is relatively cheaper than other mediums like print and broadcast, which can sometimes even run up your advertising budget.

Mobile Phone Users in India

Our Bulk SMS Panel Features


We offer single click SMS service that does not require any technical knowledge and lets you send thousands of SMS.


With us, you can send any SMS except the promotional one 24 hours to your registered users.


You can schedule your SMS as per your convenience and can also check the status of the web panel provided by us.


Our system will provide updated real-time reports as the message gets processed and also let you track the SMS campaign in real-time.


You can send SMS to 2 million-plus customers in a single minute with our lightning-fast speed.


Our 24/7/365 support makes your workflow smoother by solving issues as when they come.


You can create multiple sender id and template that highlight your brand and can easily access every activity from one panel.


You can send SMS to 2 million-plus customers in a single minute with our lightning-fast speed.


We offer all types of SMS under a single account with the Text Flash Unicode feature.

Features Plan

Activation Time Instant

Delivery All Numbers

Easy To Use

Server Time 9AM to 9PM

Validity Unlimited

Support On Phone/Mail

Delivery Ratio 99%

Web Panel

Online Report

File Format (Excel)

Delivery Report

Hidden Charge

Our Bulk SMS panel makes managing the database more comfortable and ensures improved productivity after the integration of our Bulk SMS into your corporate culture.


Wherever in India, your customer is, our services carry your messages to them. We boast of the most extensive coverage and are the best Bulk SMS service providers for SMS marketing.


We believe in ethical practice and follow it precisely. With our SMS marketing services, you can gain complete control of the fastest communications whenever you desire to contact your customers located in Gujarat, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Punjab, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon. Corporate companies gain huge benefits with our Bulk SMS services in India.

Bulk SMS Services


Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS service is one of the essential features that keep your customers informed at all times.


Transactional SMS helps your business gain faith and become trustable very quickly.


Presently transactional SMS is used by all types of industries in almost all kinds of sectors.


We understand that very well. So we walk the extra mile by giving the best service at tailor package as needed by your company.


We make a priority to provide the best service in the industry. Choosing our services, you can easily reach out to your customers in a fast and trouble-free manner all round the clock.



Transactional SMS can generally be used for various kinds of purposes like SMS Alerts, OTP generation, Service status, Transactional details, Purchase confirmation, Notification, and for different other purposes. Transactional SMS can be generated 24/7 automatically from your account, letting your customers know about their transaction or their product status.




Transactional SMS is a powerful feature that can be used in various ways, which can prove to your customers that your company’s service is one of its kind. For service such as ‘SMS ALERT,’ Transactional SMS can be used for the purpose as a warning, or to notify a user that he is overusing limited services.


E.g., If your customer is about to finish his credit limit, you can inform him by sending Transactional SMS that his permitted credit limit is going to get over soon and advise him to recharge it to have uninterrupted services. For the ‘OTP SMS’ generation, transactional SMS is the only tool that gives excellent results. A situation like a password generation and account verification transactional SMS is perfect.


The Service industries like Logistics, Online segregator business, and Transport, etc., Transactional SMS can be used as a ‘Service status’ alert tool. It can notify progress status for a particular service and keep the customer informed about the whereabouts. Logistics and similar services industries can use it for sending location status to their customers to notify scheduled progress.


Similarly, on transactional and Purchase confirmation, transactional SMS is used for sending SMS for particular purchases or particular transactions. Transaction SMS can also be used for conveying various other notification alerts such as SMS for a specific inquiry previously done or SMS on interaction done.




Being one of the experts in the industry, we help our clients get the best results. We understand our customers’ needs and suggest the best solution in which they can provide the best service to their clients. We make the whole process of sending Transactional SMS meltdown to a single account from where you can easily send SMS to your targeted customers.


Apart from that, our various services include Promotional SMS, which can get you on edge, where you can interact, engage, or market your product like never before. Being one of the best in the SMS Service industry, we understand your business and pocket needs as well.


We assign our expert employees for your business module to work out the best rates and services that can help you the most. We leave no points untouched to exceed your level of expectation. That’s how we value our customers.


Promotional SMS is one of the most important marketing and sales tool that no company can ignore. We understand how important it is for your business to reach your customers, so we have the best Promotional SMS services with the easiest handling feature that can help you reach numerous customers in just one click.


Promotional SMS over time has proved to be one of the best Digital Marketing Techniques through which you can quickly get your word out to your customers. Promotional SMS generally have high interaction and response rates, and so it proves to be one of the great marketing tools. Promotional SMS can be used commonly for customer interaction, Customer engagement, Service or product promotion, Market expansion, Relations building, and in many other similar ways.


Keeping all that in mind, we have built an extremely user-friendly service through which you can send millions of SMS at one click using your account from anywhere. Promotional SMS in customer interaction has a very effective role.

Transactional SMS

Any kind of service or product-related promotion can be effectively done through it. Customer engagement is another essential aspect that Promotional SMS can take care of. Multiple targeted customers can engage if Promotional SMS is done strategically. For example,- Feedback SMS can encourage customer engagement or rating polls. SMS can be generated to see your customers’ likings towards a particular service or product. The data from the results can help your business to grow way ahead if used properly.


Promotional SMS is best when it comes to service or product promotion. It is one of the most effective and pocket-friendly techniques to launch a new service or product. Generally, because of its instant reach to its targeted people, high interaction rate, more reliable than E-mail marketing, and mostly because it gives limitless opportunity to explore new markets.




By choosing us, you will be provided with a beneficial and user-friendly service where you can schedule your market promotion according to your convenience and reach a maximum number of targeted customers at a single time. Being one of the quality service providers, we stay with our clients until they achieve the best results. We understand our customers’ needs and suggest the best solution in which they can provide the best service to their clients.


Our highly trained professionals don’t leave any measures undone to understand your business and provide you with a tailored package that proves best for your business and suits your pocket as well. To know more about our SEO services that has helped much business across various industries, call us today or mail us and we would be happy to assist you.