7 Tips to Website Owners To Do After Launching a Website

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As we know, today every business needs a Website and I’m sure many people advise you as well to build a website. Most of the time, No one explains what you need to do after you launch a website. If you have a product website or a services website, it will never start getting traffic right away. You must need to hire SEO Expert who knows how to start the campaign and run.


Launching a website is just a Milestone. Professional SEO Expert will make necessary changes to your website and present it to the search engine so that it reaches to your audience.


If you’re not a technical person, then it is difficult for you to get updated with all new Google updates. You need to manage your campaign based on those updates. You need to understand the importance of SEO in Digital marketing.

Hire SEO Expert

For that, you need to make sure you follow below 7 tips which you need to do once you launch your website.


#1. Perform a User Navigation Test


User Friendly

Make sure your website is user-friendly, and navigation is simple. Do not create a Maze where your audience get lost on your website. This will increase your website Bounce rate, and Google will never give you good ranking and promotion.


This test will help you, how people or visitors are navigating through your website, and how long they stay on your website. Where they land and from where they leave? This report or test will help you to make necessary changes to your design or a call to action or content.


#2. Keep your website alive with New Post


Regular Posting

If you want to get ranked on a higher number of keywords, then you need more content on your website. You can get new keywords by research online or by doing Competitor Keyword Analysis.


You need to do research on New as well as the latest trending topics which engage your audience. Do not do it in a Hurry. Make sure you do enough research and take your time.


If you are not good at writing or researching than Hire a Freelance Writer with SEO knowledge to do this on your behalf. Also, you can hire a Digital Marketing Company to do Writing & Posting both.


#3. Hire Professional SEO Company


 Best SEO Company Ahmedabad in India

Whether you need a Business from your website or want to create a Brand, you need to hire SEO Expert to help you through this process.


Do you understand Digital Marketing? if not then without proper knowledge will be complicated as well as a waste of time and money. Hiring SEO Expert will give you competitive benefits. Professional SEO Company will create a strategy and implement it correctly as they are professionals.


#4. Notification Setup


Notifications Update

You can use third party application which sent you a regular update on your website behave as well as notify you if your site is down or offline.


A website can go down for many various reasons, but that offline notification can help you to take quick action to solve the issue.


#5. Add Website to Google Search Console



Google Search Console is a free tool owned by Google to help website owners to check the website performance.


You can index your website here, Submit your website site map. You can see which keywords are ranking? Which keywords are getting more Impressions and which are getting more clicks? Etc.


This tool will help you in many ways. You can explore It own your own, and there are a lot of benefits of this tool.


#6. Create Social Media Profiles


Social Media Promotion


Social media is powerful, and it has millions of users. Once your website is live and running, you need to make people aware of your website.


Create a profile on maximum social media sites and make sure you add your website URL in all the profile.


Do regular posting on your social media accounts to engage more users to your website.


Based on your business nature, choose the best Social Media, where you can connect with your target audience. If you need help, you can ask your Digital Marketing Expert.


#7. Monitor Your Website Progress


Website Progress


You can monitor your website behavior, Audience behavior, and Ranking behavior on a daily base if you Hire SEO Expert than ask them to share the organic traffic report.


You can also use Google Ads campaign to target more audience for a Special Offer. Google Analytics Tool will help you to monitor your Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.




As we understood that how you can accelerate your website performance once you launch your website. You need to make sure; you discuss with Professional SEO Expert or an Individual throughout this process if you are not from Digital Marketing background. Follow these 7 steps, and you will start getting improvement in your website performance.


We, Thanks Creation9 are one of the Best SEO Company in India would love to assist you in improving your website Online performance with result-oriented SEO Campaign. Give us a call or contact us today.

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