6 Tips, How PPT Submission Can Help Your SEO Campaign?

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What is PPT?


When it comes to Off-page SEO, there are a lot of activities you can perform through which the PPT submission can help you to demonstrate the subject more in-depth. So, what is PPT? Well, PPT is a typical PowerPoint presentation.


There are optimization techniques with the help of PPT that compliments SEO efforts. PowerPoint is a way where you can build a fantastic scope for your website content & context that you are trying to stimulate.


The great thing about web presentation is that they still haven’t gotten out of fashion despite the growing emergence of video & vertical content.


Presentations have a knack of systematically educating & impressing the viewers with the content & the scope of it.


There are lots of websites which uses PPT for their submission, and this is why you need to PPT as a choice of Off-Page SEO activity. Sometimes, we come across a website that has embedded a web presentation from SlideShare to their blogs by adding another variant for consuming content for the users.

PPT Submission

How can PPT help with your SEO?


Here are the Six advantages or ways through which PPT helps with the SEO part of your business.


1. Visibility


Visibility & exposure is the key to a website’s SEO. With PPT Submission, your website acting as a brand gets its very identity & ability to connect with the audience who are drawn towards consuming content as a means of presentations.


The content consumption is captivating because a PowerPoint Presentation conveys information using visuals, text & animations that feels agreeable to eyes. As a content creator & marketer, if you have a knack of consistently adding PPT content to PPT sites, then you create a recurring presence of your website to the viewers. Presentations get engagement & social shares, which only amplifies the potential reach.


2. Connecting with your Audience


Popular PPT Submission platforms like SlideShare & LinkedIn has the user base interested in consuming content in the form of presentation, why? Because it’s well organized that way, a minimal effort is put by the audience’s part. The animation effects are deceptively chosen to emphasize aspects of the content that you want to bring attention to.


The most excellent PPT viewing audience sits on LinkedIn. One can upload a PPT file & publish on LinkedIn easily. People can view the slide deck as a carousel since LinkedIn doesn’t allow carousel image post. A PPT Submission containing 10-12 slides will cover more information. Gary Vaynerchuk is putting out a lot of slide deck’s on LinkedIn to educate & impress his set of audience.


3. Building Backlinks


Web Presentations can have a link within the presentations; Edocr is another PPT submission platform that allows a Do-Follow link within the presentation. Edocr is the kind of website that has Domain Authority of 58 & high incoming traffic as well.


On the other hand, SlideShare allows a No-follow backlink, but at least you will get to add SlideShare as a referring domain for your latest article that you mean to make viral.


4. Referral Traffic


When you publish PPT on an esteemed PPT publishing platform with links, you want people to click it. This is how you drive qualified referral traffic.


SlideShare is one such platform, which you can leverage for blog content distribution. You can drive a distinct amount of qualified referral traffic.


5. Establish Thought-Leadership


Companies can use SlideShare to establish thought-leadership within the industry by strategically planning & distributing content. Brands like NVIDIA & HubSpot’s slide deck receives millions of views over SlideShare.


Brands making noise within the industry compel people to explore your website & following you over social media. It’s no wonder that people tend to explore brands they love and support them. It’s all about connecting with your targeted audience on a deeper level & it happens with quality content.


6. Increase the impact of your content


A good content distribution strategy ensures that your content serves your target audience. Also, the audience who may qualify as your target audience regardless of which platform they engage from. Every piece of content could have the potential of being viral & creating noise only if it promoted efficiently.


Leveraging PPT platforms, you can market not only your entire business but more importantly, a particular piece of content that you have published recently. The complementing PPT piece of content will do a lot good to the main piece of content by driving traffic to it & creating links for it.




In the Off-Page SEO section, there are several activities that you can undertake for bettering your search engine result rankings. PPT submission still hasn’t gotten out of fashion, but moreover, they have evolved. At its foundation is good quality SEO content Writing, the medium being a web presentation.


Here is the List of 100+ High DA PPT Submission Sites:

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