5 Ways to Improve SEO Keyword Ranking for your Website with Google Plus

5 Ways to Improve SEO Keyword Ranking for your Website with Google Plus

We do everything, what it takes to improve our Website SEO Ranking and half of the things do not make sense at all but still we try, but we need to make sure that we follow right tactics. Focus on quality not quantity. Today we discuss about Google Plus and see how it helps to improve ranking. Google Plus aka G+ is one of the Social network like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most of us focus on Facebook, Twitter but you may be surprised that Google Plus is more effective in returns. It gives back more traffic and helps in improve ranking. Let’s see how!

Question – Why it is so important for SEO?

There is no proof that there is a direct relation between G+ and other SEO activities but you may easily identify the Good SEO sites perform many Google Plus Activities. You may think that it can be a co-incident or may be thee is something else behind those ranking but let’s discuss why G+ is important for SEO.

  • Own by Google – G+ is the product of the Google so it is obvious that it plays a big part for High or On Top Keyword Ranking.
  • Do follow – Few links on Google Plus are dofollow and as we know that those links help to Rank improvement. Many of the shared links on Google Plus are dofollow and those links help a lot so use them.
  • Anchor Text – Any post title is used as an Anchor text and that is the best call of action. So this gives you an opportunity to prepare the SEO friendly title for your post and it improves your Site Ranking.
  • Lighting Fast Index – As we know Google+ is the part of Google so it has the first hand advantage to get index faster than Twitter and Facebook.

These are the basic Plus Points or Benefits of G+ for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which are easily evident.  If you are cynical from this process of SMM still google plus will pay you more benefits than others.

Ways to practice Google Plus for SEO

Honestly, it is very simple and it is similar to any other Social Media sites. Let’s see how it works;

  1. Sign up and be a User.
  2. You will be offered Google Authorship so that you will have a special Power it helps you to improve your website SEO ranking.
  3. As per google hummingbird update, Content is the king so make sure you post quality content all the time and get the most of it from that. If your content is good then you surely get more visibility. Google Plus will help back only of you promote good content.
  4. Keep your About Us Page updated because it is very important page where you can share many information related to you and your website. Interesting profiles get more clicks and high level of presence in Social Media.
  5. Speak up – Social media is the best platform to communicate with people easily and if you scared here than it will be like you are alone in this world of social media and you cannot word out. Speak a loud to each mass and that will help you to improve your keyword Ranking and SEO for your website.


G+ is like a treasure for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Various SEO Professionals, Experts and Experienced executives have their own thought about all different Social Media Platforms. Same way this is not 100% guarantee that Google Plus helps each and every website Owners but yes, it will help at certain extends. There is No over Night Magic for SEO. You need to stable with all the SEO activities and you will see G+ will works well. Good Luck.


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