5 Digital Trends That Marketer Should Know for Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

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Digital Trends, In this fascinating era of digital media, innovation, and marketing go hand-in-hand. Advanced technologies that seemed to be a mystery earlier are now being put together to create practical and actionable digital marketing strategies. To keep up with the evolving times, marketers must be aware of the emerging digital trends. They would help them in staying ahead and acquiring a competitive edge in the market.


Wondering where the Digital Trends Marketing Landscape is Heading in 2019?

Here’s a list of five exceptional digital trends that should be incorporated to revamp your marketing strategy and achieve the desired outcome.

Trend 1. Live Videos- Better Stories

Live Videos- Better Stories

Thanks to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, live content has become one of the fastest growing channels of video traffic. Live streaming turns out to be an effective method because it’s quick, 100% free of cost and offers real-time engagement. Also, it is capable of generating a positive impression compared to posts that are published in the newsfeed, primarily when you post them to the stories.


Apart from this, live streaming enables marketers to engage with targeted Audience & leads most quickly, helping them reach a broad network of the audience, improve the relationship with the existing followers, and boost their social media traffic.

Trend 2. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

Global leaders have always extended their resources to machine learning and AI, and this trend won’t disappear anytime soon. AI allows marketers to analyze probable future patterns of the customers based on the collected data. Using this, marketers can determine how exactly can they engage with active users via different mediums such as digital advertising, direct mail, or sales outreach.


If the current digital trends persist, then AI and machine learning expects to find their way in various sectors affecting jobs related to accounting, banking, finance, and many more intellectual jobs too.


Trend 3. Browser Powered Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification

Push notifications have made their way to the web browser technology. It stands to be a unique marketing strategy of 2019. Companies utilize browser powered push notifications to connect with leads effectively and communicate with their existing audience. Moreover, these notifications also help in improving conversion rates and retaining customers. For example, e-commerce stores use push browser notification to entice customers for completing their purchase. Liker we, as an SEO Company in India use push notification to update our subscriber when ever we add new Blog post on our website.


Trend 4. Personalization of Content

Personalized Content

Since one size will never fit all, customers these days are often in the lookout of relevancy. The need for having the right flair of personalization in digital marketing has turned out to be more critical than ever. Though featuring the right content, to the right audience at the right time does get a bit tricky. It only adds value to the content marketing strategy and takes user engagement to the next level.


Trend 5. Smarter Chat Support

Smarter Chat Support

Smart Chat Support have been there for quite a while, and they will continue to make their mark in 2019. Several studies indicate that companies prefer them as the ultimate means of communication for customer service. They enhance customer experience and ensure marketers can engage with the audience. They offer real-time assistance to the customer, dedicated support, and proactive platform. It asks for their queries or know more about the company.


While the fundamental principles of digital marketing may not changed, but 2019’s digital trends welcome marketers to a world of endless opportunities!

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